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Better Oral Sex

Most women actually don’t like the idea of sucking a man’s penis – a blow job, going down – whatever you want to call it.
But it’s what a lot of men simply love, and there are things you can do to make it a more pleasant experience for her.

Come Clean
It’s a real turn-off if you’re a bit smelly down there. She’ll be much more indulging if she likes the feel, the smell and the tidiness, not just near your willy, but all over. Keep your hairy borders well trimmed – she doesn’t want to have to hack through a jungle of pubes to get to the goods. Have a shower before you get down and dirty – do it together then she knows you’re really clean.

Get the right, comfortable position
The way you position yourselves will help you enjoy your blow job. It can make a huge difference for both of you and increase the stimulation and length of time take over it. Try to practice the proven techniques for best results. Avoid standing while she kneels – it’s clumsy, you’ll both start to wobble and it won’t last long. if you want to make oral sex easy for her, make sure you’re both relaxed and comfortable. The best position is for you to be on your back in bed while she kneels or lies beside you. That way she is in control.

Perfect Taste
Most women prefer not to swallow semen. OK they seem to enjoy it in porn videos, but your blow job is real life. Make an effort to make your spunk taste better. Eating vegetarian foods will make your spunk taste milder. Foods like kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and celery can improve the taste. Make your semen taste sweeter by incorporating plums, blueberries and cranberries into your diet. Avoid beer and coffee as these will make your semen taste bitter and dairy products can produce putrid tastes. Stale sperm can linger inside you, so the more often you ejaculate the little buggers out, the fresher your semen becomes. Couples who do it a lot can benefit by sharing nice, fresh sperm bots. If you think your chances of a blow job are coming up, try to expel sperm the lads way – with a good wank or two.

Sweeten the situation
If she doesn’t like the taste, try to sweeten it up by using sweet and sexy foods as part your fore-play. Women should enjoy licking chocolate sauce, whipped cream or other decadent foods off any part of your body.

Don’t force it
Don’t push her head down on to you to indicate that you want oral sex. If she’s not planning to go down there impulsively try telling her how much you’d like to feel her tongue on you. If she still doesn’t get the hint, just ask for what you want. Don’t expect it there and then – sow the seed (pun). If it looks promising, let her take control. Keep your hands off her head. Forcing her into deep-throating or making her gag are porn type activities, and it’s a sure-fire way of making oral sex a non-starter. It may take some time, growing your relationship and trust, before she is willing and eager. By all means talk about what you’d like each other to do, rather than jump straight in. A woman that really loves you will want to please you.

Oral Reciprocation
Making an effort to make the task nicer for her will help turn your girl into a willing fellatist and it will make oral sex easy for her. But it’s only fair to return the favour.

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