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Dimples of Venus

Not everyone has got these dimples – but they are a genetic feature of certain special people. Just like red hair, or freckles they turn up occasionally and on a woman can be very sexy. Any female lucky enough to have the right figure to show them off is deemed to be blessed – get too chunky and they are gone.

It was the 16th century artist Michelangelo who is thought to be the first to include the lower-back dimples in his art. The dimples, two concave marks located directly above the buttocks, aren’t found on everyone.

Michelangelo called them Dimples of Venus, when he recognised their sexual charm on some women.

But what is it about these butt dimples that earn them 10/10 for sex appeal? One thing is certain, dimples are a sign of excellent circulation. If you’ve got dimples, it’s easier for you to orgasm.

Owners of dimples of Venus are thought to be great seducers. There’s no proof, but see what you think?

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