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Build a Healthy Relationship with these 10 dating tips in mind.

  1. Make sure you’re attracted to the person, not the idea of being in a relationship.
  2. Be confident to talk about sex…but at appropriate times and volume.
  3. Meet each other’s friends and family.
  4. Don’t have important conversations by text, face to face is best.
  5. Focus on the present, not the past.
  6. Talk about the future so you both know your intentions.
  7. Don’t worry about labels, or what people might think of you.
  8. Spend some time apart. Don’t stifle each other.
  9. Don’t talk about your ex too much.
  10. Talk about how

South African women are superbly sophisticated and stylish. We are proud to celebrate the beauty of a woman.…

Times are changing. The roles of men and women are evolving.
Women are becoming stronger in the way they think, and in the way they want their lives to go.
Men can struggle to deal with this empowerment – feeling that their ladies “give them a hard time”.

If your partner seems demanding sometimes, there is a way to diffuse this.
Times are changing. Females always used to be the best partner for calming the swell.
This task falls more and more onto the modern man.

Both sides need to learn the secret – Be Nice To Each Other.

It’s …

Dating Tips
Surely you must understand that there's a huge difference between talking face to face with a member of the opposite sex, and communicating online with someone. Why do some people fall into the trap of telling fibs online. Maybe they haven't found the affinity with whoever they are talking to? If you're serious about finding a mate online and meeting someone in real life then why lie to impress? It's a no-brainer. Liars will soon get found out, so don't do it.
Don't tell lies - Francis - Geek-love founder.


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