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This Blog is not big enough to handle all the little things that men do that really piss off their ladies. Hey guys, take note and if any of these apply to you it might be an idea to work on it, improve it and win the ladies (but remember that one of their big hates is of a man that’s too perfect).

Asking for sex
No-one likes begging. There are ways of getting your leg over without asking for sex. Refusal to co-operate in saucy games is more likely when you play the “desperate” card. Ask her directly for …

A great thought to inspire you in your quest to find a sex partner.

“Even if the hopes you started out with are dashed, hope has to be maintained”.

It’s really about never giving up. No matter how hopeless it seems, perseverance can often reward you with results. So as the song says – Pick yourself up, dust yourself down. Start all over again.

Take a tour around Xflirt and you might just find someone for lusty pleasures right down your street.…

Dating Tips
Surely you must understand that there's a huge difference between talking face to face with a member of the opposite sex, and communicating online with someone. Why do some people fall into the trap of telling fibs online. Maybe they haven't found the affinity with whoever they are talking to? If you're serious about finding a mate online and meeting someone in real life then why lie to impress? It's a no-brainer. Liars will soon get found out, so don't do it.
Don't tell lies - Francis - Geek-love founder.


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