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What type of man are you?

It’s well understood that most men find a lot of women sexually attractive. Some men prefer other men, but that’s whole other subject.
Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what it is about a woman that really grabs your attention. What is the first thing that turns you on? What type of man are you – a boobs man, or do you like legs or a nice round ass? Could it be simply a smile that makes the initial connection?
While you’re on the search for a new woman how can you apply those aspects of instant attraction to an online profile you stumble upon? It’s not easy, and is a totally different ball-game.
Some guys benefit from making a list of the top 10 things they like about women, and bear that in mind when seeking a mate online. That doesn’t mean it makes good sense to bring it up in your online chat lines. You know women – they always want you to show an interest in them, their likes and their personality before plunging into deep conversations about the bits of their body you are most fond of.

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Surely you must understand that there's a huge difference between talking face to face with a member of the opposite sex, and communicating online with someone. Why do some people fall into the trap of telling fibs online. Maybe they haven't found the affinity with whoever they are talking to? If you're serious about finding a mate online and meeting someone in real life then why lie to impress? It's a no-brainer. Liars will soon get found out, so don't do it.
Don't tell lies - Francis - Geek-love founder.


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